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7 Life Uses of Shock Cords

Mar. 21, 2023

A shock cord is an extremely dense rope. It is primarily used for trampolines, gliders, and industrial functions. However, there are also many places in life where the shock-absorbing rope can be used. Please read on for more information.


shock cord



The shock-absorbing rope is definitely the rope used when moving things. It absorbs the shock of bumps while traveling, so your valuables don't move around and break.



The shock-absorbing rope has the same function as an expensive resistance band. You can simply attach handles to the shock cord to improve your grip, which not only maximizes your workout program but also saves you money on expensive resistance bands.


Walking your dog

When you are running with your dog, you can use the extra rope as a belt or attach it to a belt loop, thus freeing up your hands.


Cord ties


If you have extension cords, ropes, hoses, fabrics, or anything that can be easily rolled up or pulled back, you can easily hold them together with a little shock cord and creativity. You can use a stick, bottle cork, shotgun shell, or any cylindrical and sturdy grommet, drill a hole, insert the shock cord and tie the knot. 


Child protection


Shock cords can protect your child in a variety of ways. Instead of buying expensive baby-proofing products for your drawers, you can simply wrap the elastic cord around the handles to keep curious hands from opening them.


Furniture Fixer


Elastic shock cords are great for repairing any small damage to your furniture. For example, you can use them to replace the base of a stool or the backrest of a garden chair by weaving durable elastic cords.




Shock ropes can help you tie your boat to a dock, another boat, or even an anchor. If you need rope to absorb shock or reduce tension, it can definitely help you. 


Where to buy elastic shock cord


At Shandong Baron New Materials Co., Ltd, you can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes of high-quality shock-absorbing ropes for all your DIY needs. You can always browse our online inventory for information and contact us with questions.


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