8-Strand Braided Rope

8-Strand Braided Rope

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8-Strand Braided Rope

Made from any or all of the following fibers: polyester, nylon or Polyethylene,  8-Strand Braided Rope, also known as plaited ropes, are composed of 8 strands grouped into 4 pairs. The strands that are on opposite sides will rotate in the same direction.

The 8-Strand Braided Rope has the ability to absorb sudden shock as well as excellent flexibility and superb resistance to abrasion, chemicals and marine organisms. It is widely applied in water skiing rope, other industrial uses, such as barrier, tie downs, flagpole halyards, floating lines, clotheslines etc.

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Applications of 8-Strand Braided Rope

1. Windlass lines or Anchor lines

2. Mooring lines or Safety lines

3. Buoy moorings


Features of 8-Strand Braided Rope

1. Good shock absorbency and abrasion resistance

2. Excellent strength

3. The rope is non-rotational thus eliminating hockling and other problems associated with twisted lines


Hot Products

Nylon 8-strand Braided Rope

Our nylon 8-strand braided rope for shipping and industrial work, vehicle tow rope, tie-downs, farm and livestock usage. These ropes have a high strength-to-weight ratio, float, and do not absorb water. In addition, they have high wear resistance and chemical resistance.

Polyester 8-strand Braided Rope

As a polyester 8-strand braided rope manufacturer, our braided ropes are resistant to rot, oil, gasoline and most chemicals. This rope can be used at sea for recreational purposes, especially water skiing ropes, other industrial uses such as barriers, tethers, flagstaff halyards, floating lines and lifelines. You can also customize any color.

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