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Shandong Baron manufactures twisted twine in a variety of different yarn options. Yarn options include Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polypropylene multi-filament, Polyester multi-filament, Nylon/Polyamide multi-filament, cotton yarn, sisal, and jute etc. Many of our products are high strength and can be used in most general usage, such as builder line, tying twine, wrapping, packing, fishing, gardening, sporting, camping and so on.

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What is Twine? 

A Twine is a thick thread, twine, or twine made by twining two or more twine strands. Twist in the direction opposite to the twist to increase the torsion strength and prevent the twist from unraveling. This process is called reverse packaging. Twine can be made from a variety of materials and has hundreds of uses such as handmaking, baking, butchering, survival, decoration, construction, landscaping and more. 

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Material of Twisted Twine


Cotton twine is a food safe, environmentally friendly winding option for baking, butchering, food packaging and more. 


Sisal is a natural twine material. Sisal has been used for centuries and is a low-cost, high-tensile fiber rope. Sisal has good properties, all natural sisal twine can be used inside and outside.


Nylon twine is available in solid woven, twisted or double woven styles. Nylon rope resistant to wear and chemicals.


Polypropylene twine has two types: stranded type and hollow woven type.


Polyester twisted twine is UV, wear and weather resistant.

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