16-Strand Braided Rope

16-Strand Braided Rope

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16-Strand Braided Rope

Varieties of nylon filament (line), polypropylene filament (line), polyester and other products. Baron New Materials use special braided structure and technology, significantly improve the fiber strength utilization rate, so that the rope has low elongation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, soft and smooth, easy to operate and other advantages. Provide ideal products for the special needs of users. Mainly used in shipbuilding industry, ocean shipping industry, oil drilling, national defense, port handling and other fields. We are a leading 16-Strand Braided Rope Manufacturer. Looking forward to your inquiry!



Features of 16-Strand Braided Rope

1. 100% polypropylene.

2. Easy to splice.

3. Resistance to rot and Marine growth.

4. 100% monofilament fiber.

5. Stronger than a Manila rope.

6. Resistance to rot, mildew, acid, oil, etc.

7. Float on water, can be wet stored, does not damage the fiber.

8. Excellent UV resistance.



Application of 16-Strand Braided Rope

1. Trawling.

2. Marine.

3. Gill Netting.

4. Dole Netting.

5. Purse Seine Netting.

6. Pelagic Netting.

7. Fishing & Marine.

8. Material Handling.

9. Fishing Trawlers and Boats.



Do You Want to Choose the Best 16-Strand Braided Rope Manufacturer?

As the Best 16-Strand Braided Rope Manufacturer, Baron has expert guidance, products sell well at home and abroad, won the user love praise. We can provide you with a variety of color Braided Rope, not only affordable, but also first-class after-sales service. Our products are sold all over the world! We are your most trusted 16-Strand Braided Rope manufacturer! If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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