8-Strand Braided Twine

8-Strand Braided Twine

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8-Strand Braided Twine

Nylon 8-strand braided twine is a type of twine that is made from nylon fibers that are braided together to form a strong and durable rope. It is typically made from a combination of high-quality, long-lasting nylon fibers and a braiding process that creates a tight and secure braid. The result is a twine that is resistant to wear and tear and is suitable for a variety of applications where strength and durability are important.

Nylon 8-strand braided twine is often used in applications where a strong, flexible rope is needed, such as in marine settings, for mooring and anchor lines, and for hoisting and lifting heavy loads. It is also used in recreational and sporting activities, such as rock climbing and water sports. Nylon 8-strand braided twine is available in a range of sizes and colors and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application. It is a popular choice for its strength, durability, and versatility.

Shandong Baron 8-strand braided twine manufactures have different sizes that only use the best quality raw material in order to keep good quality. We can provode 4 different twines, inclduing polyester, polyethylene, polyethylene multifilament and nylon 8-strand braided twine. Among them, the primary advantage of nylon 8-strand braided twine over other materials is its 30% stretch to break. If you want to buy competitive price, high quality nylon 8-strand braided twine, please contact us.


Nylon 8-strand braided twine

We are a best nylon 8-strand braided twine manufacturer. Nylon braided twine is made of 100% nylon by 8 strands braided, which can be used for fishing line, net repairs, chalk line.

Polyester 8-strand braided twine

This kind of twine has good strength and low elongation. Generally used outdoors, sports and camping. Polyester twine is softer and more flexible in wet conditions than polyamide twine.Therefore, it is commonly used in the boating industry for general purpose rope, such as mooring rope, anchor rope, etc.

Polyethylene 8-strand braided twine

Polyethylene has similar properties to Polypropylene but with a slightly better UV resistance. Polyethylene 8-strand braided twine are strong enough to use extensively for most twine requirements.

Polypropylene mutifilament 8-strand braided twine

Polypropylene mutifilament 8-strand braided twine has a moderate resistance to UV and abrasion.  The extension to break is similar to polyester but the strength is not as high.  Polypropylene is a very light material with a density of 0.91, this means a rope in this material will float.


Baron as a professional packaging rope manufacturer, our nylon 8-strand braided twine can be customized according to customers' needs.

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