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Novelty Applications for Ropes Around Your House

Mar. 21, 2022

Rope is used for many things outdoors. Anchors, rigging, hunting, tethering ...... but what most people don't realize is that rope can be used for a myriad of everyday applications around your home. 
From artwork to home improvement and interior decorating, there are some incredibly creative (and practical) uses for rope that you need to know about, so our BARON Rope team has put together a list below. Here are some genius uses for rope around your house.


Rope Tags

One of the best ways to install rope around your house is to use signs. By gluing the rope to the board, you can do DIY projects quickly, lovingly and very simply. If you are ambitious, you can even cover the rope with glue and then form the rope according to the letters you need and let it dry. This will create a separate floating letter sign.


Novelty Applications for Ropes Around Your House

Polypropylene mutifilament 8-strand braided rope


Home shelves

If you want to hang some shelves, consider using string to add a little flare! You can create a multi-level shelving system that is super stylish at the same time. Tie the rope to the shelves and hang the system on the wall to let the shelves hang.


Cat Scratching Post

We can't forget about kittens! This super easy scratching post will provide hours of entertainment for your pet. Take any piece of wood or cardboard box and wrap it with string. When wrapping, add a thin line of glue to help hold the rope in place.


Novelty Applications for Ropes Around Your House


Rope Keychain

This is one of the easiest projects you can try. We suggest finding an old key ring or buying one, running some string through the ring, and then starting to weave or knot it. Like many of these projects, you can decide how you want to do it!


Rope Dog Leash

Another treat for your pup! Your dog will love this nautical leash. Simply purchase a length of rope - as long or short as you like - and a paw hook. 
Make a loop at each end of the leash where you want to be able to hold it, and a claw hook at the other end. To seal these loops, we recommend burning the rope and using another thinner piece of rope or string to decorate while making the grip stronger.


Novelty Applications for Ropes Around Your House

Twisted Jute Rope


Rope Tote Bags

Now to add some rope to your outfit, try using rope as a tote bag handle. It's easy to do, but very cute. Just push the cord through the handle hole, tie the knot - and go! Or, if you're looking for more projects, you can make an entire tote bag out of rope. Search for crochet patterns and you'll be able to make beautiful bags like the two below!


Rope Chandeliers

How great are these rope chandeliers? If you want to add a new look to your kitchen, this is a great way to do it without rewiring or calling an electrician. You can easily wrap some rope around the cords of your existing lights to create a similar effect to the lights shown below.


Novelty Applications for Ropes Around Your House


Rope Ladder Railing

With this project, you can make a thick handrail or you can use the rope as a more decorative look for an existing staircase. For the handrail, take some metal rings, attach them to the wall, and run the rope through. For a more decorative approach, you should add some rings or handles to the existing railing.


Rope Rugs

If you have a knitting talent, here's a great project where you can weave a small mat. Arrange the lengths of rope and start weaving another smaller type of rope. Continue from end to end and you have a rug!


Novelty Applications for Ropes Around Your House

Shock cord or elastic rope


Rope Swings

Find two trees near your house, tie the twisted rope to a board, and then tie the ends of the rope to the two trees, and a simple swing set is complete. Of course you can also make further upgrades, such as changing the base into a luxury wooden chair, and then decorate some flowers on the rope.


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